Training & Development

We are proud to have a fully functioning PSIRA and SASSETA accredited training centre at our premises. We have been involved in training and skills development since 1997. Our training instructors, assessors and moderators are all well versed in all aspects of the relevant and applicable legislations and regulations relating to skills development. Our registration numbers are PSIRA-0557966 and SASSETA-071970003946

We are fortunate that we have received SASSETA Lernership grants, and have offered these grants to our workforce. A large number of our Security Officers, Supervisors and Operations Managers have upgraded their qualifications from just having PSIRA registered “GRADES” to now being found competent in Skills programs 1 to 3 in the safety and security sector.

As soon as any employee is recruited, he/she is given a full company induction in our training centre.

All employees are given on site training by an Operations Manager prior to them being deployed to site.

All employees are given regular refresher training on site specific instructions as well as the rules and regulations of being an Officer.

Operations Supervisors and Managers do site audits on every visit to ensure that the Officer on duty is aware of his/her functions and operating procedures at the site that he/she is deployed at.

Training is scheduled in house; our officers are rostered to “training” and must then book on duty at our training centre.

We believe that our training is first class.