Security Guarding

The security officer is only as good as the Training and Management support that he receives. We pride ourselves on being a security guarding company that only deploys thoroughly trained and well disciplined officers. Anchor Security has an extremely low incident rate attributed to loyal and dedicated employees, who are well supervised and managed. This together with Staff retention and internal promotion are hallmarks that have helped us retain clients for up to 19 years.

Tailored Security Guarding Contracts To Meet Your Requirements
We supply, even at extremely short notice, ARMED GUARDS, Security Officers, Dog Handlers, Patrol Dogs, Patrol Officers. All our officers are PSIRA qualified and registered above the grading requirements of the site / post they work on. All ARMED GUARDS are fully compliant with the latest Firearm Control Act. They attend regular shooting practice and competitions. All officers undergo pre-employment aptitude and grading testing as well as the usual pre-employment checks Communications are handled by radio and cellphone links. Daily Supervisory and Management visits are conducted to ensure professionalism in attendance, dress, work ethics and compliance with site procedures or job descriptions.

Experienced Security Guards For Your Property
We comply with all STATUTORY wage determinations and employee benefits. Staff are incentivized by means of monthly performance bonus and recognition awards. Officers take "OWNERSHIP" of the sites where they work and are instrumental in safeguarding them whilst also making suggestions to improve security measures. Management and mobile supervisors also have ARMED RESPONSE qualifications.


Our 24 HOUR main control centre is based in Sandton in Greater Johannesburg and due to the state of the art equipment and systems we are capable of monitoring alarms and CCTV systems nationally and internationally. Being SAIDSA approved means that it is totally self contained and able to operate independently of our administration offices.

All our equipment is duplicated as a fail safe and we have alternate power sources readily available in case of power supply interruptions. All operators are trained in operations for all aspects of security and thus capable of multitasking. Each and every controller is able to handle, operate and issue FIREARMS, monitor alarms and dispatch ARMED RESPONSE UNITS,track and monitor vehicles via Tracker, Skytrax and Execufleet, handle the entire guarding operations process, from Electronic OB to Easyroster to posting / deployment of guards to radio monitoring and telecommunications and also to monitor off site CCTV feed. All the equipment and hardware are all connected to an alternate power supply in case of regular power supply interruption. The Control Centre has a dual linked Armed Response which results in 2 companies responding should an emergency situation arise.