Closed Circuit Television

"A camera is a camera" it has been said but the reality is that the cheap camera and CCTV systems don't provide you with the quality of image and longevity for your monetary outlay. We recommend quality equipment and SAIDSA approved installations.

Supplying The Right CCTV Equipment For Homes and Businesses in JHB
Anchor Security believes in partnering with our clients and potential clients to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with them. We offer FREE surveys and proposals. Any installer in Johannesburg can obtain CCTV kit and install it. The difference in cheap quick fix solutions and professionally specced and installed become apparent when one asks the questions; what do you want to achieve with the install? What capability do you require from the system and hardware? How much of information do you want to have backed up? What happens when your system is tampered with or there is a power failure? Is a wireless or IP Based solution needed? How long would you have to wait for a repair or replacement of hardware?

More Than Just CCTV Suppliers and Installers
With our in-house technical teams and fast turn around time, we can help with any solution that is needed to get your "eyes" seeing again. We offer Off-Site, remote monitoring and Video verification, thus taking the hassle out of CCTV monitoring and surveillance. Footage can be recorded to a DVR System and used as evidence in court due to tamper proof watermarking and date stamping. The combination of intruder detection systems with remotely monitored CCTV enhances Reaction and response time and also results in rapid support from the Police.

The Joburg or Gauteng police will tend to react faster when they are advised of a housebreaking or burglary in progress as opposed to a call reporting that there has been an alarm activation at a site and nobody can see what is actually going on inside. The combined system with sound module also gives the controller / viewer who is in a secure environment or elsewhere the ability to challenge a person who does not have authority to be in a certain area and in that way to scare the person off or deter any further possible criminal activity.