Choose the best dog to protect your home

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Choose the best dog to protect your home

Choose the best dog to protect your home

Almost all dogs have a natural tendency to protect and guard their human family, but there is still much to be said about the capabilities of different breeds when it comes to protection. Let’s look at different factors, such as loyalty, strength, ability to intimidate, courage and temperament to help you choose the top protector for your home

Bullmastiff: With bloodlines from the English Mastiff and Old English Bulldog, this breed was originally developed by gamekeepers to guard estates. Bullmastiffs are very powerful and strong, but still sensitive. They aren’t very loud, as they rarely bark – reserving the noise only for the more serious situations – another quality making them perfect guard dogs. Their size (up to 71cm tall and 59kg) and masculinity make for an intimidating picture. They are considered as natural guardians of their homes and owners. Little to no training is needed to get the Bullmastiff guard-dog-ready, as protection is an inbred quality to these dogs.

Komondor: This large, Hungarian breed of dog, also referred to as mop dogs due to their long, corded coat, may seem like an unlikely guard dog, as it seems to be quite cuddly. However, they were originally bred to be livestock guardians, much like the Rottweiler. They are powerful and guarding property and people comes natural to them. They grow to be up to 70cm tall and 60kg – surely this cuddly ball of fur can put an intruder in its place. Its temperament supports this notion, as they are fearless defenders when the situation calls for it, but can also be the resident teddy bear for its family, especially children. It is important to note, though, that this dog is not suited to city life.

Doberman Pinscher: This dog makes for a great protector as it is known to be intelligent, loyal and alert. Furthermore, they are athletic, watchful, swift, obedient and have amazing endurance. Much like the Bullmastiff, this dog was originally intended to be a guard dog. Its large size, up to 72cm and 45kg, would also go far in scaring off most unwanted guests.

Great Dane: Here size matters. The Great Dane is among the tallest of dog breeds in the world holding a record of 112cm from paw to shoulder. They also weigh in at 54kg minimum. Despite their daunting size, they are gentle giants, seeking affection from their owners. They were historically used to hunt, so burglars – watch out!

Rottweiler: The most popular uses for Rottweilers in modern-day time are guide dogs for the blind, search-and-rescue dogs, police dogs and guard dogs. This dog was originally developed to herd and protect livestock, and adopts the same characteristics with their human families. Growing up to 69cm tall, and weighing up to 60kg, they can make for a very intimidating picture. Apart from its obvious guard-dog qualities, these dogs are also obedient, good-natured and devoted.

Giant Schnauzer: The Giant Schnauzer was originally bred to drive livestock and to guard the farmer’s property, but then the breed also moved more towards the city where they guarded factories and shops and even made its name as a military dog. Their dense, curly fur protects them from bad weather and even vermin. They grow to be an intimidating 70cm tall. Although usually quiet, this dog has the potential to become quite aggressive; what’s more is they are very territorial and suspicious of strangers. Being very intelligent, lively and great with kids, this dog makes for a well-adapted family guard dog.

Staffordshire Terrier: Also known as the Staffy, this dog is extremely strong, muscular and desperately loyal. Although only 41cm tall and weighing 15.4kg, the Staffy should not be misjudged – it is very intelligent and fearless. This all-rounder is quiet and affectionate with its friends.

Created on 1st April 2014